Why Business Development Consultancy
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  • We provide a two phase approach to tackle this situation:
    • Identifying and Quantifying the free / under-utilised resources
    • Identifying the area for deploying the free resources to maximise the utilisation and thereby increasing the bottom line

Phase I - Discovery

  • Based on past data, using state-of-the-art software tools, our domain experts do technical analysis.
  • Outcome of this process is documented and a report is generated indicating the under-utilisation of resources or free resources available in the organisation.
  • This phase of service may be availed independently by an organisation to have more insight into invisible losses

Phase II -Action Plan

  • During the Action Plan phase, our domain experts and Business Development team will provide guidance on the areas in which the free resources could be utilised or even existing allocated resources to be redeployed.
  • Action Plan Report will help in optimising the resource allocations and best suits to the demanding and resource intensive project requirements